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Let Me Down Slowly

Let Me Down Slowly


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"Would you be able to live your life without me?"


Freshly graduated from high school, 18 year old Gabriel Salvas plans to spend the summer partying with his friends, and put off college so he can "work for the year." His plans change when he meets 16 year old Veronica at a party, and a future with her becomes all he wants.

Ten years and two kids later, their happy life together quickly falls apart with Veronica's mental health. Now managing the storm on his own, Gabriel fights to keep his family safe and together, anxious for their lives to get back to normal.

Gabriel must come to terms with his wife's deteriorating mind and get her professional help—even against her will—or risk losing her forever.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: This book contains mentions of mental illness, light sexual situations, and adult language.

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