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About the Author

Naley Gonzalez

Naley Gonzalez is the author of Like My Mother Before Me, a new adult paranormal psychic suspense novel. She's a proud Vegan, Otaku, and real life Pastel Goth Magical Girl.


Armed with her passion for storytelling and her unyielding optimism, she offers tips, advice, and a few laughs on her YouTube channel for other writers and creators in their creative and publishing adventures.


An unfortunate Connecticut native, Naley lives with her handsome husband, their amazing kids(whom they homeschool), and their two cute cats. When she isn't writing, starring in her YouTube videos, or educating her children, Naley enjoys watching anime, cuddling her kids or cats (whoever is willing at the moment), and smothering her cutie of a husband with love. She's also skilled in cursing with sass, talking a lot about anything and nothing, cutting people's souls with the truth, and plant-based junk-food eating.


If it interests you in learning more about her, you can head over to the contact page and message her directly!

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