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Like My Mother Before Me

Like Mother Before Me.jpg

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"You're not crazy... But nothing is okay."

Spoiled and self-centered daddy's girl Alizé Salvas spends her time texting with friends, cutting class to get high, and playing volleyball.

When Alizé witnesses a horrifying sight of a skeletal woman vanishing from her father’s study, she's certain she's losing her mind. She quickly goes into denial, but her avoidance only makes things worse. Now, plagued by horrible visions and other unwelcome specters, Alizé finds her world spiraling out of control—effecting the lives of the people closest to her.

Pursued by a personal demon, she must overcome her selfish habits and embrace the truth about her family's past, and herself, or suffer the same fate as her mother.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: light violence, attempted rape, physical abuse, mentions of child abuse, adult language, reference to suicide, gaslighting, and recreational use of drugs/alcohol.

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